The Exoskeleton suit for your back pain

The exoskeleton suit for your back pain.

The Exoskeleton suit is a passive system. The elastic straps that connect the shoulders and the thighs help to reduce effort done by the back muscles. The back is less stressed and muscle fatigue is thus reduced, allowing for pain reduction in the back area. Muscle fatigue is often the cause of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Reducing back fatigue is an appropriate solution in the control of MSDs.

Why use an exo suit?

The Exo suit is an effective and recommended solution when other solutions are not available. Several situations do not allow the use of mechanized forklifts, conveyors or others. Sometimes the machines are designed by not respecting the fundamental principles of ergonomics, forcing workers to adopt risky postures repeatedly or by imposing a static posture for long periods of time.

The Exo suit reduces muscle fatigue

The HeroWear Apex Exo suit is a flexible system, designed to reduce muscle fatigue in the back, but also helps with the shoulders and knees, contrary to popular belief that the knees are more stressed during use of the exoskeleton. In fact, the elastic straps help the knees since they create a support force that helps to get up more easily, thus reducing the strain placed on the knees.

The features and properties of the Exo suit

The suit is easy to put on, lightweight and designed for both men’s and women’s anatomy. The vest is worn when the work requires it. A control button helps to quickly select the active mode (the elastic belts are active) or the passive mode (the belts are free) which does not interfere with the movements during micropauses or other.

Invest in ergonomics

Ergonovix is an ergonomics service company and distributor of this excellent product in Quebec, Canada and even internationally. It is an advanced solution that requires support in ergonomics to ensure its proper use, integration into operations and safe performance of the system. Jeanne Guérin CCPE is a certified ergonomist trained in the use of the Apex Exo suit and strongly recommends investing in training and support when implementing the exoskeleton solution.

Focus on new technologies

The exoskeleton solution allows workers to benefit from this new technology, helping them to work comfortably while minimizing MSDs. The exoskeleton suit for your back pain!

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