The exoskeleton suit to reduce shoulder muscle fatigue

We have previously discussed about the advantages of the Apex HeroWear, which was designed to help with heavy loads and manual material handling, as well as reducing back pain. Comau, another industrial robotics company, has developped an exoskeleton designed to support the shoulders during overhead lifting. This exoskeleton is called the Mate-XT. Mate-XT Characteristics The […]

How to properly select workstation peripherals?

As an ergonomist, one of the most frequently asked questions are about office equipment and computer peripherals. Often, employees are recommended to purchase an ergonomic mouse, or an office chair with more accommodating features. However, with the wide range of products available on the market, the purchasing decision can be very overwhelming. In the Shop […]

The ergonomic need during remote work

The COVID-19 pandemic set off a rapid and immediate transition to remote work. Even after the lockdown, many organisations realised that remote work, or at least a hybrid system, is becoming more and more feasible due to technological advancements. With regards to employee wellness, we need to make sure that conditions, training, and available equipment […]