How to properly select workstation peripherals?

As an ergonomist, one of the most frequently asked questions are about office equipment and computer peripherals. Often, employees are recommended to purchase an ergonomic mouse, or an office chair with more accommodating features. However, with the wide range of products available on the market, the purchasing decision can be very overwhelming. In the Shop section, we prepared guides that are useful to consult for information about different ergonomic products that are available. This article will highlight why equipment selection is so important.


Most postural problems at the workstation are due to a poor quality chair, or a poorly configured chair. It’s important to obtain a chair that has multiple adjustment features at the level of your back, arms and the seat in order to avoid discomfort. It is often said that the chair is the limiting factor for comfort at the workstation.

Monitors and screens

Computer screens are very important elements of the workstation. A poorly configured monitor setup can not only cause postural deficiencies at the level of your neck but can also lead to eye strain and fatigue. Choosing a good monitor is important, but there are also different types of support and mounting options that need to be considered.

Keyboards and mice

These are the primary link between us and our computers, so it is important to ensure they are well configured and appropriately selected. These days, there are ergonomic mice and keyboards of all shapes and sizes, with different features, and often it can all be very daunting. Understanding how these features can help postures and improve comfort at the workstation is esential in the purchasing decision of ergonomic mice and keyboards.


There are many ergonomic accessories that can help improve workstation postures or even accommodate individual deficiencies. Often, the intended function of a given accessory may not be immediately obvious. Thus it is necessary to understand the main goal of the product in order to understand if it is right for you or if it is even necessary.

In conclusion, ergonomic products can sometimes be confusing. Getting help from a specialist will ensure you don’t lose any money or time.